Saturday, 3 December 2011

Co La - Daydream Repeater

New album out on NNA Tapes today, Co La's 'Daydream Repeater'. Sun drenched Jamaican riffs mashed with kaleidoscopic pop, this is a spellbinding release.

Friday, 2 December 2011

TBC Features - Episode 1: Project Mooncircle

Introducing the new visual Beat Crate series, featuring the best videos in downtempo, experimental hip hop and all things electronic. Episode one features four of the most prolific artists from the Project Mooncircle label.

TBC features...Episode 1 - Project Mooncircle

1. Long Arm: Letters from Space (live rehearsal)
2. Flako: Loose Bells
3. Robot Koch: Glassdrops (feat. John LaMonica)
4. 40 Winks: Rap About That

Visit the youtube channel and subscribe at

Spotlight artist for December is the featured Russian DJ's group 'Long Arm'. Stream the new album below, 'Live at Dom Beat' - recorded in its entirety during a single session in St. Petersburg.

PMC 091 / Long Arm / Live at Dom Beat / 24th November 2011

Monday, 22 August 2011

Paul White

New full length "Rapping with Paul White" out today on One Handed Music. Check 'One of Life's Pleasures' and the promotional single 'Trust' featuring Guilty Simpson below. A lot of collaborations on vocals for this one making for a few flaws and a huge change in direction from the dusty "Paul White and the Purple Brain". Still a lot to enjoy for the beat miners; including a number of instrumental tracks and the trademark hazy concoction of samples throughout.

Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Balam Acab

Hugely anticipated debut full length "Wander / Wonder" out August 29th on TriAngle from American producer Balam Acab. Psychedelic yet comforting melodies wrap around field recordings, fractured vocal fragments and crackle to form a rich listen from start to finish. Can't wait to hear this on vinyl.

TriAngle07 : Balam Acab : Wander / Wonder

Check first single, "Oh Why?" below:

Wednesday, 10 August 2011


New video for 'Moments' taken from Teeb's album "Ardour" released back in October of 2010 on Brainfeeder. Loved this album so much when it first came out and it's still on regular rotation.

Moa PIllar & Nocow

Headlights on the recently established G5 label from Russia and some big releases this year from Moa Pillar & Nocow to check out...

Listen to a mini-mix of Moa Pillar's 'The Moon and Thunder Dance EP' below:

Watch the video for Nowcow's 'Take a Fall' from the "Pulkovo Heights EP" below

Tuesday, 9 August 2011


"Bad Vibes" - new full length release from beat crafter Shlohmo out today on Friends of Friends. Really been looking forward to this one for a while as producer Henry Laufer drifts into a more melancholic spin on experimental hip hop...dropping out of college to complete the album but placing him at the forefront of a new wave of West Coast talent.

Check the promo video "The Neighborhood" below for a truly inspiring insight into the young producer's background.

The Neighborhood: SOMA // Shlohmo from Yours Truly on Vimeo.

+ grab a free remix package from Shlohmo: HERE

Tuesday, 26 July 2011


New Strangeloop 12" out today on Brainfeeder - "Fields".

Know mostly for his live visual excursions, David Wexler moves away from his complicated beat fusion towards ambient mindscapes and rich sonic imagery, embarking into minimal psychedelic aesthetics. Mastered by Daddy Kev with synth from Austin Peralta and vocals from Vanessa Fernandez and Anna Gariby, the release was inspired by an experience while in an altered state of consciousness, with the three tracks corresponding to three movements within Wexler's trip.

Visit to watch a collection of Strangeloop's releases, or "visions", like the drawing session below.....

Monday, 25 July 2011

Prefuse 73

My favourite release of the year on Warp Records, 'The Only She Chapters' sees Heron move intro previously unexplored hazy territories, with a wealth of gifted collaborations on vocals. Aside from the absolutely stunning artwork this album is unlike anything I've heard for years, closing on psychedelia with a swarm of white noise and haunting empty spaces before exhaustingly deep sections.
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Free download of single 'The Only Hand to Hold' : HERE

WARPLP208 / Prefuse 73 / The Only She Chapters

Son Lux

Son Lux with his second album for Anticon, the aptly named 'We Are Rising'. A change in direction from the startling debut 'At War With Walls and Mazes', which took over three years to finish, the follow up was created from start to finish in a month as a response to the Wire's RPM Challenge. The outcome is a brilliant mix of bold and emotional songwriting, fused together with crisp electronics and acoustic instrumentation.

ABR114 / Son Lux / We Are Rising

Sunday, 24 July 2011

Saturn Never Sleeps

Collaboration between UK producer King Britt and singer Rucyl, who first came together in 2009 for an improvised dedication to Sun-Ra. The upcoming album, 'Yesterday's Machine' is a combination of heart felt vocals, heavy bass vibrations and beautiful sonic ambience, heavily reminiscent of Massive Attack but consistently pushing boundaries into what can only be described as experimental, electronic soul.

Check the first single, 'Tory' : HERE
Free mp3 available from Yesterday's Machine blog : HERE

SNS008 / Saturn Never Sleeps / Tory (Release Date : May 11. 2011)
Album out August 2011

Dam Mantle

'Not a Word' out tomorrow on GET ME! from Glasgow based Dam Mantle.

A self professed bedroom producer, these beats are the first to make it out of Marshallsay's bedroom this year, following the excellent Purple and Grey EPs and hopefully preceding a full length release. That said, two of these four tracks clock in at over seven minutes, and the single 'Not a Word' is an absolute treat.

Check the video for 'Not a Word' below

Buy the vinyl : HERE